Cosmetic Tattoo

Prep and Aftercare

Our Portland studio wants you to be well prepared so you get the best results possible. Please read through our recommendations carefully on how best to prepare for your appointment.

How to prepare for your cosmetic tattoo and removal appointment:

  • You must be off Accutane for at least a year

  • Must be off antibiotics for 30 days..

  • Have not used Retinols for at least month prior.

  • Off allsking care products containing acids or vitamin C for 2 weeks Prior.

  • No Sun or Tanning beds for at least month prior.

  • No alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before your procedure.

  • Please be free of blood thinners for at least 24 hours before your appointment. This includes aspirin, medications, alcohol, fish oil, and vitamin E.

  • BROWS:

  • Please tweeze, tint, wax, or thread your brows at least a week before your appointment. Failing to do so may make the area more sensitive, affect color retention, or absorb color into the pores outside the treated area. Your brows will be lightly groomed during your appointment.

  • You may arrive with makeup on. During the procedure some of your makeup will be removed in order to prevent infections, and we will redraw them on to your liking.

  • LIPS:

  • Please Keep your Lips Moist a couple of days prior to your LIP Procedure. If you have Badly chapped lips I will Kindly ask you wait till they are smooth to ensure they heal properly.

  • If you get cold sores or have had a history of them please consult your doctor before a Lip procedure. I ask that you take Anti-Viral Medications a day before, day of and 3 days after your appointment to reduce the risk of an outbreak.

  • If you have had lip filler please wait at least 30 days to have lip Blushing done. If the fillers have created a very large lip additional charge may apply to compensate for the extra time.


Microblading Healing Stages

Here is an example of what a brow looks like while healing. The Color starts off pretty Vibrant then gets very dark as the scabs form. Redness goes away after a couple of days and a couple days after that the scabs start to exfoliate off. Please remember the healing is a process and it is important to not judge your brows for about 3 weeks after having them done. The procedure can cause slight swelling that can make the brow seem "off" and the scabs make everything thicker and more pronounced. Once the scabs have fallen off the color will continue to "bloom" back for a week or so more. 30 days after your procedure is when you will know your true color, retention and outcome. We are working on a non-symmetrical round surface so 100% symmetry is not always an obtainable goal and at touchup is it very common to have minor tweaks to the shape or retention of the pigment. All skin is not created equal so needing tweaks is not a sign that the procedure was bad but more that it is a common and necessary thing to do to achieve your best brow.


please click the image below to read the aftercare card)