We are proud to be Portlands first Cosmetic Tattoo Studio to offer, Non-Laser,

Saline Tattoo Removal.


At Empress Brow and Beauty in Portland, we perform Saline Tattoo Removal. This procedure is a very effective method of removal for Face and Body. It targets all tattoos regardless of age, color, and placement. The Solution is all-natural, consisting of Sea-Salt, Lemon and Orange Seed Extract, Aloe, and Purified Water. Saline tattoo removal is performed very similarly to how the initial tattoo was preformed, by using the special formulated Saline solution that is applied to the skin using a Tattoo machine. As we go over your old tattoo the solution bonds to the pigment and helps to push it out of the skin. Healing is very similar to the healing of the tattoo, however, the solution continues to work on breaking down the pigment and pushes it to the surface via Osmosis. The pigment heals into the scab and as the scab sheds so does the pigment, revealing a lightened tattoo. We are able to do palm sized and smaller tattoos as well as cosmetic tattoos other than eyeliner.

Why is non-laser tattoo removal more effective than laser?

  • Less treatments needed therefore reducing cost.

  • Pushes most of the Pigment out instead of having the body absorb pigment.

  • Targets all colors including White.

  • Doesn't blister and less likely to scar.

  • Safe for face.

  • Specially formulated by Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Company LI.

  • Works on all Tattoos regardless of age or location.

  • Less painful since we can use a topical anesthetic to numb you throughout procedure.

  • Can target specific areas around a cover up.


How much is it? 

Studio minimum is $100 per session and it goes up from there for non Cosmetic tattoos. Full brows are $200 a session and $50 for spot treatments when covering up previous tattooed brows at the same time. We know this is an expensive commitment so as our gift to you if you decide to get your brows done with us after removal then $25 of each removal session will go towards the cost of your new perfect brows!


Not all Brows can be reworked and that is why we found it very important to be the first studio in Portland to offer this treatment. We can also target certain areas around the brow, in case we can rework them but wanted to tweak the shape leaving a bit of the old uncovered. There is no consultation necessary if you know you are interested in non-laser tattoo removal. However, we are always here for one if you want to come in. please feel free to do additional research on Saline Removal and the product Li-ft by LI Pigments.

roval 2.jpg

2 Sessions

Saline Removal is a patient process. Each procedure needs at least 8 weeks of healing time before a next session can be done. With that being said it takes a long time to gather healed pictures. I will be constantly updating my pictures as more and more of my clients return to show more examples of how well saline tattoo removal works and the process.