Lip Blushing


Lip Blushing

Empress Brow and Beauty is proud to offer Lip Blushing (AKA Aquarelle Lips). This new lip technique is meant to enhance and define the shape of the lips while softly giving them a pink or peach tint. With Aquarelle lips you can just gloss and go in the morning or put on a more vibrant lipstick over them when going out!

Heres some important Things to know when considering lips:

  • This technique will define and even out the lip line that you naturally already have while tinting the lip with soft color.

  • The color chosen is based on your lip and desired color. please note we do not do vibrant Reds, Nudes or browns. Lip blushing is meant too enhance the color by adding a peach or pink tone.

  • We use a powerful numbing agent to help keep you as comfortable as possible.

  • Your lips May be swollen/plump a day or so after and the color will be very vibrant. As your lips heal the swelling will go down and the color will continue to soften into a natural tinted lip.

  • Healing time is quick and easy just make sure you have moist lips before the procedure and after!

  • We can try to match a color for you however exact lipstick color matches are not always possible due to the fact we are adding pigment to an already highly pigmented area. your healed color is a result of the blending of your lip color and the pigment used. With that being said the darker or cooler your natural lip is the less noticeable this treatment is and may even be recommended to not have it done.

  • if you have a history of cold sores (even just one tiny one years and years ago) it is recommended you see you doctor before this procedure. Taking an Anti-Viral 3 days before, the day of and 3 days after the Procedure to make sure you avoid an outbreak is advised.

  • You can have your lips done if you have had fillers as long as its been 30 days since having them done. If you are wanting fillers it is recommended that you have it done after the procedure and its touchup. If you have had fillers and your lips are much bigger than your natural Lip then an additional $50 may apply to your appointment to compensate for the extra time it takes to fill the lip in.

  • DO not use any Lip Plumping lipsticks or Gloss 30 days before your procedure. These bring blood flow to your lips and will make you bleed more making it harder to retain pigment.



We predraw your lips prior to the procedure. We can balance out unevenness to make a more defined and perfect lips shape. It is not possible to extend your lip shape outside of the lip border however, the skin is different there resulting in uneven color and retention.