Microblading is what everyone is talking about nowadays, and at Empress Brow and Beauty we've got you covered. We have been trained by the best and most established artists in the industry and continue to keep up with new techniques regularly, making us Portlands most comprehensive cosmetic tattoo brow studio. 

What is Microblading? Microblading is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that is meant to look like real brow hair.  We create each individual hair stroke one by one, with a manual hand tool, then place pigment over the brow area and allow it to be absorbed into the strokes created. It will then heal into the skin, and once fully healed, will reveal the perfect natural brow that everyone will think you were born with.

Each appointment typically lasts two hours. We begin by talking about what you want from your brows, how you wear your makeup and evaluate your skin. Then we talk color, making sure it will match your brow hair when healed and formulate a unique color for you. After deciding color we cleanse and disinfect your brows and design a new brow shape based on what you want and what would work best for your face. Once color and shape are decided then we will start the procedure. For a pain-free experience, we will apply a numbing solution beforehand and throughout the procedure. 

Not all skin types are a good candidate for Microblading. If you have oily skin and/or larger pores then you may be required to have more frequent touch-ups. People on certain types of medications, including Thyroid, may experience blurring of the strokes, poor retention and color shifting. For these clients we may highly suggest you think of getting Ombre brows instead.


Microblading is a 2 step procedure, meaning a 30-90 day touch-up is required to be able to build you the best brow. At touchup we will refine the initial strokes created, adjust color and shape if needed and build density to the brow. We can not stress enough the importance of a touch-up and urge clients to not skip them. For brows that have sparse hair the touchup is where your brows really come to life since its the time where we can give you the density and fullness it needs while still keeping it natural looking.

This is the perfect procedure for those who want the most natural look possible and will last anywhere between one to two years depending on a variety of factors including skin, age and lifestyle. You will need annual touch-ups to keep your brows freshness. Please refer to our Pricing page for touch-up sessions. 

If you have had your brows previously done by anyone other than Empress Brow and Beauty you must contact us to schedule an consultation before booking.  Make sure you read our policies  and  prep page before your appointment so you can best prepare yourself.


Shading can be added to all Microblading procedures and we are highly trained in both manual and machine shading methods. Shading is recommended for anyone who has very little brow hair, an existing tattoo to be covered up or anyone who wants a more bolder look than microblading alone will give. Leave it to us to decide whether manual or machine shade will be the best for you.