Ombré Brows

If you want the look of full brows without the hassle of ever having to fill them in or wear make-up again, we have a solution: Ombré brows. Make-up will eventually smudge, but this process will cut your getting ready time in half and never wash off. We know Microblading is all the rage but for some it just isn't enough enhancement. This look is perfect for everyone, and we mean everyone. If you are not a good candidate for Microblading, on certain medications, have an old cosmetic tattoo to cover up or just desire a much bolder look then this is the Brow for you.




Ombré eyebrows is a machine technique to create the trendy make-up look of its namesake. This is a great option for a beautiful, defined brow shape with subtle, soft fullness; the tail of the brow appears darker, gradually fading into a light start and top.  The results are absolutely gorgeous, and your ombre brows will last longer than microblading. Expect your brows to look flawless for around two years!

Each appointment typically lasts two hours. We begin by talking about what you want from your brows, how you wear your makeup and evaluate your skin. Then we talk color, making sure it will match your brow hair when healed and formulate a unique color for you. After deciding color we cleanse and disinfect your brows and design a new brow shape based on what you want and what would work best for your face. Once color and shape are decided then we will start the procedure. For a pain-free experience, we will apply a numbing solution beforehand and throughout the procedure. 

Ombré eyebrows at our Portland location begin at $500, and a 30-90 day touch-up is required. The pigment will fade over time, so be sure you are coming back for your yearly touch-ups to keep them looking their best. 

Replicate the look of make-up without the chore of daily application. Love your brows, and visit Empress Brow and Beauty today. Please read our Preparation and Aftercare and Policies page to know what to expect before your appointment. We can solve any brow dilemma, and our work truly speaks for itself. To schedule an appointment, book online or over the phone.